Clinic Cat / Supervisor

Bubbles Clinic Cat / Supervisor

I like to think of myself as the hospital manager. I haven't received a button but everyone is on the same page with this role. I'm a true leader and extreme protector of my staff. On the daily, I like to make sure that the mouse in the printer is under control at all times and keep track of everyone's paws just in case of any unjust and radical movements. This trait is my main strength here at Elgin.

Recreationally I really enjoy playing ball toss games and flitting around, checking up on all the intruders that arrive in cages. I'm a full on daredevil. Going head on with all the giant cats on leashes that arrive. Lastly and most importantly, I'm a very sensitive, misunderstood jaguar...I mean cat. I'm so passionate about my staff that I sometimes do taste tests on them just to be sure that they haven't changed. The staff doesn't love this form of affection but I seem to get lots of hard pets when I do it. I welcome each of you to my house.

Love, Bubbles