Celebrating Seniors

You may have heard the saying ‘age is not a disease’ and at Elgin Animal Hospital we want to share this message with you. When pets age and cross into their Golden Years, it doesn't mean a decline in quality of life or comfort. Make sure to book an appointment today and ask us about our senior pet care. There are so many steps we can take to keep your senior pet happy and healthy!


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Welcome To Elgin Animal Hospital!

We are excited to meet you and your furry family members!


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Welcome to Elgin Animal Hospital in St. Thomas

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your fur baby! At Elgin Animal Hospital our focus is on prevention and early detection. Our mission is to be an advocate for all pets that come to see us. To seek for the best possible preventative care and medical treatment in order to help you to give them the best outcome for their health, happiness and longevity.

We aim to teach you, their loving family, how to prevent and look for the early signs of disease before a major illness develops.

As a new client of our practice, you can expect our full attention to your pets’ needs. Our service will be provided with courtesy and respect. Our goal is to see all of our clients and patients on time, and although we have contingencies for emergencies, there will be times where the unexpected will create delays. We will ensure these are minimized as much as possible.

We are excited to meet you and your four-legged family members.

Meet the Team
These people are great! Always get me in when quickly when I need it, usually same day.

Andrew Kent

This has been our vet clinic since we moved from Toronto in 2015. Great, professional staff, caring and compassionate. No…

Vada Kolish

Best animal hospital I've ever been to. Very friendly and compassionate staff. When we thought it was time to put…

Joanne Oates


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