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Veterinary Assistant
I’ve always been surrounded by pets and had an interest in working with small animals, a clinic setting is perfect for me to help people and their pets. I have a variety of co-op and shadowing experiences that have only expanded my love for the field. I currently have my Bachelors of Science and am hoping to pursue a veterinary degree! When not at work I love to spend time with my family dog Shelby taking her for walks, or gardening, reading, and rollerblading, or of course cuddling my cat Tinkerbell.


Veterinary Diets vs Store Bought Diets

Exactly why is Vet food so much more money? And why would I spend that when I can get the same food at the grocery store? Am I getting ripped off?! At $60+ a bag, yes, you would think that you might be getting taken to the cleaners on dog or cat food. Let me de-mystify the cost versus quality question. What you might not realize is that there are some very key differences between the food you buy at your veterinarians vs the foods you buy at the grocery or pet stores. We don’t sell theirs, and they CAN’T  sell ours for some key reasons. Veterinary food is formulated to treat a specific condition; think of it as medicine. Typically, a veterinarian would need to prescribe this nutrition for the treatment of a specific disease or condition. Hence the brand “Prescription Diet”. Store-bought brands are for wellness and prevention, NOT treatment - this is a very important distinction!

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