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Registered Veterinary Technician

I grew up and still live on a hobby farm in a small town west of St. Thomas. Growing up we had almost every animal imaginable both big and small. This helped grow my love for animals. I studied Veterinary Technology at Ridgetown College and graduated in 2019.

I joined Elgin Animal Hospital in February of 2020. The area in my field that interests me the most would have to be Dentistry. There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning teeth that have a lot of tartar build up and revealing the true nature of the tooth underneath. It's always rewarding to see the difference between the before and after of a dental.

Some things I love most about this job is that I learn something new almost every day. Also, no day is ever the same. Days can be challenging, difficult, rewarding, fun and sometimes all of the above. The best part about this clinic are the people that I get to work with. It's enjoyable to work in a place where everyone has a similar mindset and are passionate about what we do.

My first pet that I can remember getting was a tortie cat named Lisa. She was always close by me when I was a kid and she would sleep with me every night. I currently have a few pets of my own. I have 2 goats named Knox and Boone, a bunny named Vanilla, an English Mastiff named Briggs and lastly, a cat named Dexter.


Veterinary Diets vs Store Bought Diets

Exactly why is Vet food so much more money? And why would I spend that when I can get the same food at the grocery store? Am I getting ripped off?! At $60+ a bag, yes, you would think that you might be getting taken to the cleaners on dog or cat food. Let me de-mystify the cost versus quality question. What you might not realize is that there are some very key differences between the food you buy at your veterinarians vs the foods you buy at the grocery or pet stores. We don’t sell theirs, and they CAN’T  sell ours for some key reasons. Veterinary food is formulated to treat a specific condition; think of it as medicine. Typically, a veterinarian would need to prescribe this nutrition for the treatment of a specific disease or condition. Hence the brand “Prescription Diet”. Store-bought brands are for wellness and prevention, NOT treatment - this is a very important distinction!

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